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New how to video. Hanging LED lanterns

Posted by (The Paper Lantern) CandleBagMan on May 16, 2014 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (3)

Check out our new video on how to assemble your hanging paper lantern.

An answer to an event decorators question about paper bag lanterns

Posted by (The Paper Lantern) CandleBagMan on November 7, 2013 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

We get asked lots of questions all the time and this was a good one we thought was worth sharing.



"I am a wedding/event florist and have a winter wonderland event next Wednesdayfor a big corporate company.

Am using tall 1.2 m white lit trees on the tables x 10 placed on 40cm mirror plates.The room will be lit with blue uplighters and walls of curtain fairylight drops in white. Am wondering about using the candlebags around the trees are they suitable for indoors?

Also do you think blue candle bags would look best,or white or normal, and tealights or the battery tealites would give best effect?

Also would I need 2 per table would that give enough glow? obviously table space is limited.Could you let me know what you think would be best?"

Our Answer:


I would go with the blue rather than the white because they give a lovely glow. Of course if it was a wedding I would recommend white.

Real candles will work better in a table situation where there is already other light. The battery ones would struggle to compete but do work fantastically in a dark environment. Our giant tea lights are perfect or 2-3 Ikea tea lights will work just as well."

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask away either via our contact us page or via our https://www.facebook.com/pages/Australian-Paper-Candle-Bag-Lanterns/314857785219468" target="_blank">Facebook page.

Free candle bag lanterns "your words" competition result.

Posted by (The Paper Lantern) CandleBagMan on July 22, 2013 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Thank you to everyone to took part in our competition for free paper candle bags on our facebook page.

Entries have now closed and here's what some customers said:

Joanne N. said they brighten up the party such a talking point too!!!


Janelle R. said I love using candle bag lanterns because they have the capability of setting such a special mood for any occasion. Whether it be at a backyard bbq get together or a formal wedding, they make such an impressive statement. There is something so special about a warm candle glow that evokes so many memories and paper bag lanterns make the perfect touch.


Sonja-ann M. said I love using candle bag lanterns because the creativity is in the simplicity!


Sue F. said I love using candle bag lanterns because they create 'fairy-lights in the sky', simply a sight to behold!


Amy W said I love using candle bag lanterns because every lantern I have ever lit has been filled with a thought of happiness not hot air.

Mai Lu said I love using candle bag Lanterns because the warm glow reminds me of the candles on a birthday cake and the joy and happiness you feel on that special day.


Kim S said I love using candle bag lanterns because they can turn an ordinary day into a twinkling magical night!

They were all lovely words but congratulations to Janelle for her winning entry and thanks again to all who took part.

Check out our great range of paper candle bag luminaries here.





Holiday notice.

Posted by (The Paper Lantern) CandleBagMan on March 8, 2013 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Please note that our Australian staff will be on holiday from Sunday 10th of March and will return on Monday 25th.


70% of our items are sent from our Thailand warehouse so this will not affect any of these orders. Please check the item description.


All orders from our Australian stock in be sent between Monday 25th and Wednesday 27th of March.

We will still be able to process orders up to Sunday afternoon (10th) and they will be posted on Monday 11th.

Here is a breakdown of Australian and Thailand based stock.

Sydney Stock


Paper Bag Lanterns

Glass Candles & Candle Holders

Hanging Glass Holders

Cake Bags

Heavy Duty LED Curtain Lights

Guest Books

Disposable Cameras

Floating Candles

Pillar Candles

LED Ice Cubes

Florists LED Lights

Guest Books

Kissing Bells

Favour Boxes


Thailand based Stock - 7-16 days


Combined purchases may arrive in sepatate boxes depending on packing considerations.



Car Ribbns

Fairy Lights

Hanging Battery And Round Chinese Paper Lanterns

LED Battery Tea Lights & Recharge Candles

Hanging Star Lanterns

Flashing LED Balloons

Dilly Bags & Ring Pillows

Cake Knife

Marriage Certificate Holders


Our paper candle bag lanterns at the Dockside Group Bridal Expo.

Posted by (The Paper Lantern) CandleBagMan on July 15, 2012 at 4:05 AM Comments comments (1)


This weekend we were fortunate enough to have a booth at the Dockside Weddding and Conference Centre in Sydney's Darling Harbour.



Clear and frosted glass candles and candle holders along with our waterproof LED ice cubes, Giant tea light candles, hanging glass tea light holders , Colour changing submersible florists lights and of course our candle bag lanterns, forming part of of our display at the Dockside Bridal Expo.



Floating candles from our web store.



12 Rechargeable tea light candles with frosted holders and the recharge unit.


There were over 600 brides and grooms who visited the expo at the in Darling harbour over 4 hours on Saturday.

Over $12,000 was raised for the children's charity through the sale of raffle tickets and sponsors donations and one lucky couple won with the $7.000 wedding reception prize.

Kids Party Ideas For Plain White Candle Bag Lanterns

Posted by (The Paper Lantern) CandleBagMan on May 29, 2012 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (0)

These guys did a much better job than me of the kids diy project for plain paper luminarias.

Many thanks to 'A Tale Of Two (Three) Kiddies' for a great blog. You can click the link or the photo to read all about how make it a success for you and the kids. 

How to personalise and make your own paper candle bag lantern

Posted by (The Paper Lantern) CandleBagMan on April 8, 2012 at 6:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Everyone knows that you can buy candle bag lanterns available in many colours and clever designs and they are enchanting and super value for any event, wedding or party but here are some reasons to think about doing-it-yourself designs.



You may want to make a special message on a paper bag lantern for a loved one like I did for my wife with this water colour style design above. 

 Kids love painting or drawing and the added bonus of the anticipation of what their personalised candle bag lantern will look like with a candle inside, just adds to the whole experience. I know because my 9 year old twins have been making them for 3 years now and it's become a staple of any school holiday and we're running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained. If it was up to them they would use up all our stock of plain paper bag lanterns and there would be nothing left to sell.

Maybe you are having a little get-together to remember a loved one who has passed on. How you go about this is something you will probably have already decided but examples I hear are "he used to love to fish this lake so we came here just before sunset with a few picnic blankets, some prepared food and a barbecue and and lit the paper bag lanterns that we had placed, some around us and a few leading down to the shore and we didn't so much talk about him, the messages we had written on each of our lanterns did that for us. We just enjoyed the company of our family and friends and had the wonderful sense that he was all around us".

Or you can just leave one by the gravestone with a tea light candle inside. The paper is flameproof and it's also biodegradable so there are no concerns about the environment.

 Customers have also told me they used the paper bag lanterns to wish their friends, a young couple, bon voyage at a leading party when they were off to Australia for a working holiday. One person wrote to say that they had a garden party in their home and a friend had brought a pack of 50 plain white tea light lantern bags, a bag of Ikea tea light candles and a few felt pens. As the afternoon was turning to dusk they handed out the pens and the paper lanterns and asked everyone to write a message to the couple and wish them well. As the sun set they placed the lanterns with all their personalised messages all over the garden and said the effect was spellbinding. The couple collected them all the next morning and planned to take a photo of each message so they would never forget the words of their friends.

 The possibilities are of course endless so I won't go on. However I will recommend some materials to use.

  • For the obvious reasons always start with flame retardant plain white paper lanterns available here.
  • Kids crayons are the next obvious choice. The vivid colours go on quickly and will look amazing when back-lit with the candle.
  • Sharpie pens are probably the best on the market in my mind but if you have others then give them a go.
  • Colouring pencils are very hard work. The art will look great in the daylight but for some reason they don't look so good at night with a tea light candle inside the paper bag lantern.
  • Any paint, even those little 10c coin shaped hard kids paints that you just add water too are very effective,

Finally I must recommend an iPad app simply called 'Paper'. It's free for the basic version with all colours but if you want to add more brushes or pencils etc they are $1.99 each and believe me once you try this you probably will. With this app you can paint or draw amazing pictures and email them to yourself from your iPhone or iPad and then print the picture directly onto a plain white paper bag lantern.

Well that just about wraps up my Easter Sunday blog on how and why to make your own DIY paper bag luminaries. Remember we have the plain white candle bag lanterns in stock in Australia here and the plain blank paper bag lanterns available in the UK here. Everyone else just visit either site and we'll ship worldwide.


Battery flickering tea light candles for venues with 'no open flame policy'.

Posted by (The Paper Lantern) CandleBagMan on March 1, 2012 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Do you have your heart set on using our awesome paper bag lanterns but your function venue insists on no open flame candles. We have the perfect solution with these led battery tea lights with flickering flame. $0.89c from our Thailand stock if you can wait 7-12 days or $1.45 battery tea lights from our Sydney stock.